Colavita Chicagoland is a nationally supported, regional amateur cycling club operating under the banner of the Colavita professional cycling team. Colavita Chicagoland is one of thirteen regional clubs across our country that are sponsored by the parent race team. Colavita Chicagoland is centered in Deerfield, Illinois.

Team Colavita race team is a men’s and women’s professional cycling team that participates in many of the premier pro events that are scheduled on the yearly race calendar. The main sponsors of the team are Colavita USA, Factor Meals, HelloFresh, Oakley, and Jakroo. There are numerous smaller sponsors that help back the needs of the organization. The Colavita race team is based in New Jersey and uses as the informational outlet and contact point.

Colavita Chicagoland is in it’s 18th year as a regional Colavita cycling club. Our club has local sponsors that help support the yearly operating needs beyond membership fees. This year, we are supported by Deerfield Cyclery, Bleck & Bleck Architects, and Pissetzky Law LLC. The help of the sponsor group is critical in the overall health of our cycling club.

Colavita Chicagoland wears a distinctive green clothing kit that is based on the professional team’s color and graphics. Our clubs’ kit will have local sponsors featured alongside the national sponsors. The club provides direction and structure for both racing and recreational riding in our area. Our regional club follows the national lead in working to promote cycling. Specifically, we have club rides to promote the enjoyment of cycling in a friendly group atmosphere to introduce cycling to young people, help to educate current riders in road, trail, and safety skills, and work to develop essential bicycling skills.

The club encourages family participation to help promote physical fitness and development. The club aims to promote a positive image of the Colavita family of products, and its other sponsors. Members have the opportunity to experience interpersonal growth, social development, improvement of physical and mental health, and the development of a lifetime skill for a healthier lifestyle. Race competition through the club provides for social interaction, team building, and an exposure/marketing base for the companies that help underwrite and sponsor the national and regional club.

Colavita Chicagoland conducts an annual sign-up of members for the following year starting in October. In December, the club roster is developed and a clothing kit order is finalized and sent to the supplier. The club accepts membership applications beyond January 1st, but without guarantee of Colavita club clothing.

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